• 1937 Dodge

    Dodge D5

    Rumble Seat Convertible Coupe

    New in 1937 were the horizontal design of the front grille, a newer streamlined hood ornament, brake lights now standard equipment, wing vent windows, rubber body mounts for a smoother and quieter ride, wider seats , voltage regulator, and all dash gauges repositioned in front of the driver.

    This car sold new in Indianapolis IN. In 1993 it was completely restored in Buffalo, N.Y. The original owners manual is still with the car showing some dates and milage of services. It came equipped with all available options including heater/ defroster, radio, arm rests, dual wipers, and sun visors. The car also comes with optional fog lamps and fender skirts, which need refinishing.

    I rate the car to be in good condition. It runs and drives. A very presentable car for showing, although an older amateur restoration with wear. With a very low production body style, this is an exceptional collector piece of this era.

  • 2005 Thunderbird

    Ford Thunderbird


    The final year of the historic Thunderbird, marking its fiftieth anniversary. All T-Birds produced in 2005 wore the anniversary badge on the front fenders. This car is complete with the porthole hard top, and light sand interior appearance package and soft top. The external color is antique bronze gold. Just over 900 came in this color combination. The car has had only 2 owners, and was always registered in NJ. With low production numbers and unique color combination, this car is a rare collector piece.

  • 1935 Chevrolet

    Chevrolet Master

    Holden Bodied Phaeton

    While the last U.S. phaeton bodied Chevrolet produced was a 1935 Standard model, this body style was continued by the well known Australian body maker, Holden, for several more years in the Master model. Only 213 were produced by Holden in 1935. It was one of the last years for mechanical brakes and the new design knee action independent front suspension was an option available on most models.

    Chevrolet manufactured the chasis in Detroit then shipped them overseas to be completed by Holden. Very few found their way back to the U.S. This car was converted to LH drive in 1995 for use here. the car came from a dealer in Michigan. It is equipped with optional rear trunk rack and LF fender mounted spare. The car is complete with all side curtains.

  • 1915 Overland

    Overland 81


    Overland desired to make the body more streamlined in 1915, incorporating concealed hinges, crowned fenders, a new hood design, and a rounded radiator. All Overlands were now LH drive and sporting new larger 34" wheels.

    While this car is technically a Model 81 because of its year, the car was titled in NJ as a Model 83. Both were identical but for a new lower price due to the 1915 World's Fair. 1916 Model 83's were introduced in June of 1915 so they could be displayed with this new lower price. I believe this to be a NJ car for most of its life. The car comes with optinoal front bumper, two running board luggage racks and owner's manual. It is factory equipped with electric starter, lights, and speedometer.

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